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SP880 Permanent Electromagnetic Sucker Controller

Permanent electromagnet chuck controller is designed with 32-bit industrial grade high performance microprocessors and are highly digitally precision-designed for the control of electric permanent magnetic chucks.

SP880 series of permanent electromagnet chuck controllers are designed with 32-bit industrial grade high performance microprocessors and are highly digitally precision-designed for the control of permanent electromagnet chucks. The optimal magnetizing and demagnetizing effect is achieved by adjusting the magentizing and demagnetizing pulse current strength and the number of pulses. It has good stability and strong anti-interference ability, adopts unique anti-interference measures makes it can work normally even in harsh interference environment.

Technical specifications:
Working power: 220/380Vac ±15% 50/60HZ
Magnetizing and demagnetizing pulse current strength: ≤ 50A (80A)
Multi-channel magnetizing and demagnetization switching interval: ≤ 0.25 seconds
Magnetizing and demagnetizing time: 0.1-0.99S
Alarm relay contact capacity: 250Vac/10A
Dimensions: 268X155X70mm
Weight: 2.2KG
Using 32-bit industrial high performance microprocessor, LCD display or touch screen Chinese menu operation, fully automatic SMD process manufacturing, stable and reliable performance;
Complete fault detection and alarm function, real-time detection of load status, load current, control signal, feedback signal loss and other parameters. It can achieve spindle linkage by unlocking input contact signal and magnetization state output contact, with adjustable magnetization and demagnetization overcurrent, short circuit protection and under current and open circuit alarm function;
Flexible configuration, easy to use
  SP880 series has 4 channels to use, it can control 1 to 4 permanent electromagnet chucks, each channel can be set to on or off according to requirements. By demagnetizating or degaussing, it can eliminate the residual magnetism on the surface of the workpiece;
With optional remote control interface, up to 200 controllers can be synchronized through optional data communication functions, and matrix control or linkage control of up to 800pcs permanent electromagnet chucks can be completed to meet large and extra large sizes control requirements for chucks in machinery equipment or mechanical production lines;
Passive switch input: unlock control signal, magnetization control signal, demagnetization control signal;
Passive switch output: abnormal mode alarm, magnetization mode signal, demagnetization mode signal. 

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