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Sinepower is looking for someone who can help with customer for their troubles.

If you know your goals, if you want to gain satisfaction through your job, if you want to bring out your potential, you might as well consider about us. An agility and loyalty employee like you can help us distinguish in the market and industry. Also, please let us provide you with a growing and long term development stage for a smart and promise keeper like you.

Job opportunity - join us 

We think we are a ideal working place for young person with passion, want to bring out his protential, and want to challenge himself.

We don't have inside competition, and we value personal development. We offer best training for each employee to make each one of you a specialist in power magnagement application area. This is also our goal by improving our working environment. As long as you has the ability, you can have the high eveluation, the working time won't be the abstacle of your development.

If you want to be a specialist in power supply management control application area, if you can face the challenge, if you want to develop, if you want to bring out your potential, you are welcome to join us! Please follow our Job position.