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I. The ability of design and develop control solution application

By long term accumulation of experiences in SCM and DSP, we have plenty of successful cases in Ti DSP series, AVR series, STM series, MSP430 series, Microchip 32 bit series and 32bit ARM series, from which we can choose the best control chip to finish the needed control function.

II. Developed control application technology

1. Embedded operation system (OS kernel from Uc/OS-II, uCLinux, WINCE or eCOS)

2. Commuication technology by USB , RS232, RS485, Network card, GPRS and CAN fieldbus 

3. Core technology of medium high frequency inverter power supply control system

4. Technology of power supply control SPWM and battery charge and discharge.

5. High power battery group protection board caontrol technology

6. PLC series industrial control technology

7. Step motor& servo motor control technology

III. Service process

Project needed->>Primary analysis->>Confirmation of needs->>Lead time and proce offer->>Contract->>Development fee pay inadvance->>Start R&D->>Sample testing by both parties->>30% payment before mass production->>Full payment before shipping->>shipment arranged