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SFP20 IGBT Driver Module

For 600V series IGBT (current ≤600A), 1200V series IGBT (current ≤400A), 1700V series IGBT (current ≤200A), high isolation voltage optocoupler (3750Vrms, 1 minute), short circuit protection and fault output function.

This drive module is suitable for use with our SF20 series board, don't sell alone (under development):
Internally integrated with high common mode rejection ratio (CMRR) optocoupler
Positive and negative dual power supply
Input signal compatible with CMOS & TTL levels
High isolation voltage optocoupler (3750Vrms, 1 minute)
Short circuit protection and fault output function
Output soft shutdown and timing reset function when there is an overcurrent fault
Switching frequency up to 40kHz
Recommended products:
600V series IGBT (current ≤600A)
1200V series IGBT (current ≤400A)
1700V series IGBT (current ≤200A) 

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