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Technical power

With the development of the application of new power supply control technology, sinepower has made the action to the increasing market by keeping on using the new and unique products. Our sales value of new products has been keep in 25% of the total sales value of the market, this proves our application ability of new product and fast reaction of the market demand.


Our products has a vast cover form industrial control devices to high precision devices. Our customers are from various industries, more than 500 customers are using our products and application. As long as you choose the right products which is for special application from us, you and us can work out the suitable application rapidly for the market demand. 

Sales team

Sinepower and its branch has more than 30 well-trained sales engineerr in domestic. Form application and research and develop to production and following work, every step, we can fulfill the needs of customer in every business layer, that is our company philosophy. Our sales are good at dealing with problems, they can provide you with a actual solution or proposal a new and possible one based on our existing products.  

Service orientation policy

Knowing and controlling the market opportunity is the key factor of our success in many industrial products. Therefore, devote on providing complete service to make sure customer receive the product at their earliest convenience and the support of the application, satisfy the needs of market in time, the fast acknowledge of product development, right application and accurate lead time are our biggest promise to our customer and the right successful for each other. For which, we have build a strong technical support network in the industry, customer can contact through FAE communication support online directly to gain the precious knowledge and experience.