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SP810 Electromagnetic Chuck Controller

10 pulse strong magnetic function version, with excitation set and shell protection. 32 bitCPU, specially used for electromagnet control. LED digital tube display, various protection. For electromagnetic chuck controllers.

 SP810 elecrtomagnet non contactor thyristor trigger board is with 10 pulse trigger output control, excitation set, fast release and out shell protector function. 32 bit industrial high performance microprocessor, high digital safety standard design, specially used for electromagnet control. Fault alarm and interface parameter uses LED digital tube to display, automatically stored after setting. With phase loos, over voltage and over current protection and working mode indication. Control progress uses three phase full control bridge rectification suck, and single phase full control bridge rectifier demagnetization to achieve electromagnet control. It can trigger thyristors under 1000A, the control board has conformal coating protection.

◆ Using 32-bit industrial grade high-speed microprocessor, LED digital tube menu to set parameters;
◆ With powerful magnetic output function, it is stronger than ordinary control method;
◆ Parameters such as strong magnetic voltage/time, excitation voltage/time, demagnetization voltage/time can be adjusted on site;
◆ Inverting function when discharging. Automatically invert the energy on the suction chuck to the grid;
◆ With temporary discharging function, the material can be quickly re-sucked after the material is temporarily discharged;
◆ The control board has functions such as phase loss protection, undercurrent protection, overcurrent protection, and working status indication;
◆ The suction timeout function can be set to prevent suction cup from damaging by false triggering of long-term output voltage;
◆ With power outage magnetic protection output control function;
◆ User can set the constant current mode output control, and the output current won’t affected by the grid (in constant current mode);
◆ The control mode has one-button self-locking or double-key jog control (remote control), and users can switch the selection by themselves;
◆ With automatic phase sequence identify function, there is no phase sequence requirement for the power supply of the control board, no debugging, convenient wiring;
◆ Product with safety design, CE certification, quality assurance, which made it can save your time and maintenance costs;
◆ Fully automatic SMD process manufacturing, stable and reliable performance, mature application;
◆ Power transformer adopts military grade quality transformer, epoxy resin potting, high quality products tempered by high temperature aging;
◆ The main control chip adopts NXP 32-bit industrial-grade high-performance processor, which has superior computing processing capability and reliable anti-interference ability;
◆ Passive devices uses Murata and Infineon brands to ensure that key parts of the control panel are not easily damaged;
◆ The control relay is the Omron brand, and the number of actions is more than 10 times that of domestic brands;
◆ All output ports and digital input ports are electrically isolated to provide better electromagnetic anti-interference protection.
Technical specification:
◆ Working power:380Vac ±15% 50/60HZ
◆ Main circuit working voltage:220~380Vac ±15% 50/60HZ
◆ Display adjust method:LED digital tube menu setting
◆ Strong magnet voltage adjust range:1~510V
◆ Excitation voltage adjust range:1~510V
◆ Phase drift range:0-176°
Adjustment output resolution:1/4000
Stable accuracy:better than ±1%
◆ Trigger current:≥ 600mA
Trigger capacity:≤ 1000A one-way thyristor
◆ Three phase trigger imbalance:≤ 0.3°
◆ Dielectric strength: 3500 VRMS
◆ Working temperature:-20℃~ 60℃  Relative humidity:≤ 90%RH(no fog)
◆ Dimension:272X166X58mm   Install dimension:253X146mm
◆ Weight:1.8KG

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