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SF280 Series Medium High Frequency Inverter Power Supply Control Board

Suitable for medium high frequency inverter power supply over then 100kW. Double DSP + CPLD control. Can be used for IGBT power supply, high frequency electroplating rectifier.

Product introduction:
The inverter power supply module adopts the latest power technology and digital DSP control, it is designed for new energy. The front stage adopts industry-leading three-phase active power factor correction (APFC) technology, and the latter stage adopts three-level full-bridge resonant soft switching technology. The input voltage range is wide, the total harmonic current is less than 3%, and the input power factor is up to 0.99. Efficient, high power density, high reliability. It adopts forced air cooling to dissipate heat, which occupies a small space and easy to assemble!

◆ Ultra-wide output voltage range: 200V~500Vdc;
◆ DC/DC conversion adopts full-bridge phase-shift soft switching technology;
◆ Adopt the world's leading active power factor correction (APFC) technology, input current total harmonic distortion THDI≤3%;
◆ High power output: 15KW, high power factor output: ≥ 0.99 full load;
◆ The DC output has an anti-backflow device to prevent instantaneous high current at the output of the charger when the battery pack is connected;
◆ Input and output adopt full isolation technology;
◆ Perfect protection and warning function, noise voltage warning, short circuit protection, fault warning;
◆ Support hot swap function;
◆ Fully digital DSP/DSP dual-core processor, supporting CAN2.0 bus communication function;
◆ Support voltage regulation, current limiting and current sharing functions;
◆ Support input over/under voltage protection, input over current protection (use with air switch), input three-phase unbalance protection;
◆ Support output over voltage protection, output over current protection, output short circuit protection, phase loss protection, over temperature protection, total       harmonic distortion;
◆ The voltage rating, insulation rating, and EMC are in line with my country's relevant technical standards for electric vehicle chargers



Items Parameters
Input features  Working voltage  When 304Vac~456Vac, module is full load output
 Input frequency  45~65Hz, rated value 50Hz/60Hz
 Input current  <31A
 Power factor  ≥0.99 full load
 THD  ≤3%(load 50%~100%)
DC output  Rated value  500V/30A
 Rated power  15KW
 Voltage range  200V~500Vdc
 Current range  0A~30A
 Efficiency  ≥96.4%
Protection functions Output over voltage  530Vdc(±10V)
Output under voltage  support
Short circuit  Support
Input under voltage  255V±5Vac
Input over voltage  461V±5Vac
Over temperature  ≥65°C start protction, ≤60°C automatically restore
Other parameters Input total harmonic  THD≤3%
Stability accuracy  ≤±0.5%
Stable current accuracy  ≤±1%
Output voltage erro  ≤±0.5%
Output current erro  ≤±0.1A,load current smaller than 10A
 ≤±1%,load current bigger than 10A
Communication warnning Communication port  CAN&RS485
Number of parallel  60
Warnning sate  Communication CAN modbus or 485 modbus report to monitor PLC or LED display
Running condition Working tmperature  -20°C~+50°C
Storage temperature  -40°C~+70°C
Relative humidity  5%RH~95%RH(no Condensation)
Altitude  2000m(higher than 2000m, should lower the rated tmeperature)
Physical characteristics Weight  ≤15Kg
Size  180mmX276mmX377mm(H×W×D)
Protection level  IP30
Cooling methods  Insert fan, wind in from the front, wind from the back
Temperature Coefficient  ≤±0.01%( reference value is +20°C)
On start time  3S~30S
Standby power comsuption  ≤14W(The input voltage is rated voltage line voltage 380Vac, with standby function
Hot swap  Support





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