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  • SK600 IGBT Driver Module
    SK600 IGBT Driver Module

    Suitable for driving middle high power IGBT,with short circuit protection, active clamping, power supply voltage monitoring, unique Anti-IGBT explosion-proof, output alarm signal when under-voltage and over current.

  • SK601 IGBT Driver Board
    SK601 IGBT Driver Board

    For middle high power IGBTs,full bridge (H-bridge), compatible with CMOS&TTL level,With short circuit protection and fault output function, output soft shutdown and timing reset function when over current fault occurs

  • SK602 IGBT driver module
    SK602 IGBT driver module

    For small and middle power IGBTs,full bridge (H BRIDGE) inverter & DC voltage regulation control design, compatible with CMOS&TTL level, with short-circuit protection, active clamping and power supply voltage monitoring functions

  • SK603 IGBT drive expand module
    SK603 IGBT drive expand module

    Drive type: EconoDUALTM IGBT module, drive module 2SP0115, 15V/150W power supply, full-bridge inverter control design, directly drive four groups of IGBT drive modules

  • SK605 IGBT driver conversion module
    SK605 IGBT driver conversion module

    Drive conversion type: FFxxx, FZxxx Infineon IGBT module, directly welded or screwed to the IGBT control pin position, G pole and E pole built-in pull-down resistors to prevent G pole floating IGBT damage

  • SK606 IGBT driver optic transceiver
    SK606 IGBT driver optic transceiver

    This IGBT driver optic transceiver module with SK606A transmitter module and SK606B receiver module, used together. Transmitter insert with DC/DC isolated power supply, no need external power. 4 roads PWM signal and 2 roads fault signal, optic control

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