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DSP+CPLD Induction Heater/ Heating Power Supply IGBT Driver Control Board
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We, Shenzhen Sinepower Technology Co., Ltd, have recently developed a new IGBT control unit for 0-4khz - 100Khz middle high frequency Induction heating treatment power supply use.

SD300 series induction heating power supply IGBT control card is using DSP + CPLD structure design, highly digital exquisite industrial quality design. Supporting a variety of network remote control and on-site control methods, it is an inductive heating power supply product with international advanced technology level developed independently for the second generation by SinePower. Working frequency within 100kHz, it is using IGBT or MOSFET as the inverter device, digital control, it can assure IGBT works at ZSC switch status under any working condition, strong ability in adapting sensor and site conditions. Meanwhile, it is with complete fault detection, running monitoring and event recording function, the system will record the running status or system fault in real-time. It is suitable for metal material hot processing, heat treatment, hot assembly, welding, and melting.
The main control card continues to lead the innovation of the core control algorithm and software technology in the industry. The structure and operation processing speed of the control software package can ensure the adjustment of all control loops finish quickly. Meanwhile, it has good reliability and strong anti-interference ability, with unique anti-interference measures, it can be operated normally in harsh interference environment. Complete protection functions such as self-diagnosis, load operation protection, power failure protection, overvoltage protection, overload protection, short circuit protection, etc. 
This control system support the industrial Ethernet connection (optional), users can monitoring easily by a remote area computer or mobile phone, it can achieve the device monitoring in anywhere as long as you have a network, and to visit the running system conveniently. Our company has a strong non-standard design team, with our rich power supply design experience, we can provide customers with reasonable advice and reliable guarantees for specific working conditions.

Fully explore the application field of new power converter variable frequency control, Sinepower has always consider innovation as the source of product application and R&D!