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New Design - STC50 AC Motor Soft Starter Speed Controller
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STC50 motor soft starter control board adopts 32 bit high performance microprocessor, with highly digital exquisite quality design, specially used for three phase AC motor soft starter occasion. It is with bypass control. Functional parameters are setting by key operation, fault alarm and interface parameter are displayed by LCD screen, and will be automatically stored. Soft start methods are voltage rample, voltage sudden jump and current limit soft start, which can make the motor to achieve smoothy start at any circumstances, to protect the drag system and reduce the start current impacton the grid, and to decelerate the motor to soft stop. It has efficiently solved the stop surge problem of the inertia system, and eliminate the feedback lash of the drag system. Users can adjust the parameters (such as overcurrent value, start time, control board soft start, soft stop, overcurrent protection, working state indication and etc.) during the start progress according to the motor load. This motor soft start control board is with thyristor anti-parallel AC trigger method, can trigger thyristor under 500A, suitable for kinds of load of 3 phase AC motor soft starter.

By controlling the start voltage of the motor, it has avoid the excessive peaks in start torque and start current. On one hand, the working machine can be protected from excessive acceleration torque during the start process of the AC motor, and on the other hand, the power supply system can be protected from excessive start current, which greatly reduces the mechanical stress acting on the object which is transported, and reduces the wear and tear of the working machinery and transmission components as well, these will eventually ensure the working safety, extend the life time of the device and reduce the maintenance.

Main applications of the soft start trigger board:
1. In application of industrial fan control, it can help the motor to achieve smooth start. The impact of the mechanical and the worn of the leather belt caused by other start methods is reduced. The life time of the motor device is extended, and the running safety is ensured.
2. In the application of water pump control, the soft stop function helps to eliminate the water hammer effect caused by high pressure due to the stop of hydro-turbine generator/ water pump.
3. In the application of the transportation conveyor machinery control, it can help the motor to achieve smooth start, so that product shift or material shake-off due to jitter can be avoided during transmission.

1. Powerful human-computer interaction interface, operate by LCD display or touch screen menu, the display is more intuitive and the operation is more convenient;
2. Industrial 32-bit microprocessor, SMD patch technology and multi-anti-interference design to ensure the stability and reliability of the industrial environment;
3. The start modes is rich, there are voltage ramp, sudden jump and constant current mode to choose from, the primary start voltage and current value of the motor are digitally adjustable;
4. Complete fault detection and alarm function, real-time detection of load status, load current, control signal, feedback signal loss and other parameters;
5. Phase loss protection: monitor and detect the three-phase phase loss at the incoming and outgoing ends, and control the load to stop output in real time;
6. Thyristor breakdown protection: under the unstart or stop mode, if there is thyristor breakdown, it will refuse to start and display the fault type parameter, and the alarm relay output;
7. Overload protection: Various starting overload protection levels and operational overload protection levels, there are six different inverse time protection curves;
8. Motor soft start: When starting, use different soft start modes to eliminate the impact on the power grid and itself during the initial operation of the motor. The soft start time parameter can be set;
9. Motor soft stop: soft stop to eliminate the impact on the power grid and itself, the soft stop time parameter can be set, and it can be set to free stop;
10. With automatic identification phase sequence function, the main loop power supply can choose no phase sequence or phase sequence mode, free of debugging and convenient wiring;
11. Bypass selection: By setting the bypass selection parameter to make sure close or open the bypass output, when the bypass is open, it is with bypass contactor close detection function.
12. It can be remote controlled by PLC or other equipment, and has a running time query function to record the running time and accumulated all the running times;
13. Dynamic fault record query function, can continuously record the last eight historical fault information so that we can find the cause of the fault;
14. The thyristor drive interface has LED light indication, to indicate whether the external control line is correct, so the error spot can be quickly checked;
15. Complete peripheral interface: It has thyristor overheat input signal, emergency stop control, three road relay output interface, with flexible operation;


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