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The 3rd-Generation Induction Heating Power Supply Control & Driver Board
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The third generation of Sinepower induction heating power supply adopts highly digitalized precision quality design, with series resonance and parallel resonance control methods, and automatic resonant frequency tracking. Our products have been strictly tested by customers and have fully met the requirements. We have been tested with high intensity for more than half a year. In time, our company will comprehensively promote the digitization of induction heating technology, replace and eliminate early analog technology, which is suitable for thermal processing, heat treatment, thermal assembly and welding, melting and other industries of metal materials.

>> Series resonance induction heating main control board SD300
>> Parallel resonance induction heating main control board SD310 (Pls note, for parallel control will need our rectification control board ST33 as well)

Our company masters the core control technology of induction heating power supply, which can be customized according to customer requirements. Various test contents: no-load start-up test, light-load start-up test, heavy-load start-up test, heavy-load feeding fast in and fast out, cold material and hot material working test, high Q value change test, Curie point test, abnormal work test, all with long-term stable and reliable test.

Fully explore the application field of new power converter variable frequency control, Sinepower has always consider innovation as the source of product application and R&D!