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file name:ST33 Three Phase All Control Rectification Trigger SCR Firing Card
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Date:2021-01-05 11:08:17
Update time:2021-01-05 11:08:17
ST33 three-phase rectification thyristor trigger regulator board adopts 32-bit industrial grade high-performance microprocessor, high digital precision quality design, support network remote control and on-site control mode. The fuzzy-PID parameter is open-ended, which integrates open-loop voltage regulation, closed-loop constant voltage and constant current in one, to control the thyristor to achieve constant voltage current limiting or constant current voltage limiting. The fault alarm and interface parameters are displayed on the LED digital tube menu, and parameters are automatically stored after setting. The control board (regulator) has the functions such as phase loss protection, power-on soft start, soft shutdown, constant current output, constant voltage output, overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, short circuit protection, and working status indication. It has three-phase full-control bridge rectification, double anti-star rectification and thyristor anti-parallel AC triggering mode, which can trigger thyristor below 1000A, suitable for resistive load and, inductive load, capacitive load, transformer primary side and other types of loads which adjust by voltage and current regulation in various fields of industry. It has been widely used in electrolytic and plating devices, battery charge and discharge devices, three-phase thyristor power supply devices, electric heating temperature control devices, arc discharge control and other equipment.

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